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Veterinary Dental Digital X-ray Systems For Patients

Invest in a Digital Dental X-Ray System

Custom X-Ray has always gone above and beyond in providing our customers with top-of-the-line imaging equipment. You can instantly boost your diagnosis confidence and efficiency of imaging with just the X-era dental imaging system.

Panoramic X-rays show the entire mouth area – all the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws – on a single X-ray. Panoramic X-rays require the use of a special X-ray machine. This type of X-ray is useful for detecting the position of fully emerged as well as emerging teeth, identifying impacted teeth, and aiding in the diagnosis of tumors.

Tired of all the guesswork that comes with low quality dental x-ray scans? Want something that generates clear images that even your patients can understand? Then you need X-Era, the ground-breaking dental x-ray imaging machine with two sensors.

Upgrade Your Dental Practice Now

We’ve deployed thousands of dental imaging solutions across over 30 years.  Whether it’s a technology challenge, or a clinical challenge, our team has seen it all.  You will have all that expertise on your team.

Integration is always a key question – because everything has to work well together.  Our system is open source, so it is seamless with most other dental systems.  In addition, our team has worked with almost every other software and hardware under the sun – so we can also help configure to your staff’s unique needs.

We focus on three things:  Great Images, Great Pricing, and No Issues.

Separate Panoramic Sensor: Typically, dental cone beam machines do not have any other sensor than the one they use for 2D cone beam images, so they use the same for 3D panoramic scans. This can be vice-versa as well, where 3D sensors are used for 2D panoramic images. In both situations, the imaging result is almost always below average. This is where the X-Era comes into the equation with its separate sensors. It is equipped with a cone-beam sensor for taking cone beam scans and also a panoramic sensor for taking panoramic scans. This will ensure you always get clear, crisp and high-quality results, eliminating the guesswork and allowing you to make a better diagnosis.

Smallest Focal Spot: Most dental cone beam systems have 0.5mm focal spots, but X-Era boasts a much smaller, 0.2mm spot because the smaller it is, the sharper the edges of scans. The 0.2mm size is the smallest in dental cone beam equipment to date, allowing your staff to see every detail of the image clearly.

Field of View Control: Unlike most systems with only 9 to 10cm max width, X-Era offers a range of field of view options from 4cmx6cm to 16cm. This eliminates issues like 3rd molar cut off, inability to capture TMJs, inability to analyze airway, and a small margin of error because of slight patient movement.

Lower Radiations: Typical studies of FMX can produce over 150 microsieverts of radiation, which are not only harmful to patients but even more dangerous for your technicians who are exposed to them daily. X-Era works with a lot fewer radiations, but the best part is, it provides a lot more information and clearly scanned images.

Veterinary Dental Digital X-ray Systems For Patients
Veterinary Dental Digital X-ray Systems For Patients
Veterinary Dental Digital X-ray Systems For Patients

Best Quality Panoramic X-Ray Equipment

X-Era’s separate panoramic sensor comes equipped with a multitude of features, including but not limited to:

  • Direct Conversion: It turns x-ray directly into a digital signal, eliminating the extra step of converting x-ray into the light first.
  • 50+ Panoramic Layers: Captures 50+ layers with a single scan producing an envelope of massive data around the patient’s position area to eliminate errors in scan due to patient positioning.
  • Full FMX – No Bitewings: The sensor generates 18 intraoral-sized images directly from panoramic in 14 seconds and with just one click, eliminating the need to capture 18 separate images.

Why Custom X-ray for Helping You Find the Perfect Dental X-ray Equipment:

  • Range of Custom Solutions: We can help you get exactly the solution you need for your practice, whether you’re treating humans or animals.
  • Price Guarantee: Every doctor wants clear, crisp x-ray images that eliminate guesswork but at a fraction of cost. We understand this, which is why you’ll find our machines superior in terms of both image quality and affordability.
  • Equipment Longevity: This is a no-compromise area for us, which is why all of our equipment has top-notch, sturdy components for the highest longevity; every machine will run flawlessly for decades.

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Panoramic Field of View Control Lower Radiation
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    Great customer service, installers were wonderful very clean, xray works wonderful would really recommend Custom XRAY Digital. From Santa Cruz Valley Physicians Group. (Podiatrist Office)
    Danika Barraza
    Danika Barraza
    15:39 16 May 19
    We have been using Custom x-ray for over 25 years. They have helped us with our first machine, transition to digital, move our equipment and service our unit. We are pleased with their customer service and the know how to answer any questions that come up involving our x-ray equipment.
    Kimel Chiropractic
    Kimel Chiropractic
    17:15 13 May 19
    Great service. Our x-ray system went down. They worked hard to get our system up and running and to help establish a long term fix!!
    Stewart Cellers
    Stewart Cellers
    14:22 11 Apr 19
    Michelle the receptionist has alreadyalrea me feel special by doing waaayyy more than she needed to help. Haven't been there yet but can't wait to go
    aaron seaman
    aaron seaman
    21:56 11 Mar 19
    I have been a customer of Custom X-ray for many years and the customer service has always been top notch! They have always gone above and beyond for me. The entire process from purchase to install and tech support has been an exceptional experience! Thank you for making the transition a very smooth and enjoyable one.
    Stewart Lyon
    Stewart Lyon
    23:22 16 Jan 19


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