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Portable X-ray Equipment
Portable X-ray Equipment
Portable X-ray Equipment


Portable X-ray Equipment in Hospitals and Imaging Centers for managing COVID-19 has taken a quick rise in need for diagnosing patients quickly and efficiently. Mobile X-ray equipment are being used as an important triaging and screening tool for determining the condition of the lung before being directed to advanced imaging techniques. Even after medical intervention, when the patient is in ICUs or Ambulatory care, Mobile X-rays may be used for monitoring the condition of lungs through regular chest X-rays.

Investing in portable x-ray equipment offers many advantages and helpful factors for society as a whole. Custom X-Ray Digital Sales & Service offers a large variety of portable medical equipment, including state of the art digital x-ray machines.


Affordable Portable X-Ray Equipment Solutions

Mobile and Portable X-Ray equipment – great for bedside and emergency room use. We have wireless DR portables that will communicate with your PACS.

We have a wide range of mobile and portable solutions that fit for multiple uses. Our sales representatives work with you to find the right solution to fit your needs.

Above all, establishing these portable digital x-ray machines provides a timely diagnosis for patients who may otherwise have to wait. Facilitating coronavirus testing comes with portable medical equipment, and that is worth every penny. Investing in portable x-ray machines is investing in the health and well-being of people all over the world.

Portable X-ray Equipment

Portable X-Ray Equipment Upgrade Kits

Medlink’s AMX Wireless Upgrade Kit is the fastest, most reliable way to convert your aging mobile unit into a modern Wireless DR System.

Convert your outdated AMX system into a premium high-throughput Wireless DR System.

  • Minutes-to-Install
  • Financially Feasible
    – Fraction of the cost compared to the expense of a new system.
    – Low-Cost Service & Maintenance
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Includes the VIVIX Wireless 1417W DR Panel
  • Customized All-oin-one Touchscreen PC with Advanced Image Processing
  • Pre-loaded with the award-winning VXvue imaging software.
Portable X-ray Equipment

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    Portable X-ray Equipment

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    Great customer service, installers were wonderful very clean, xray works wonderful would really recommend Custom XRAY Digital. From Santa Cruz Valley Physicians Group. (Podiatrist Office)
    Danika Barraza
    Danika Barraza
    15:39 16 May 19
    We have been using Custom x-ray for over 25 years. They have helped us with our first machine, transition to digital, move our equipment and service our unit. We are pleased with their customer service and the know how to answer any questions that come up involving our x-ray equipment.
    Kimel Chiropractic
    Kimel Chiropractic
    17:15 13 May 19
    Great service. Our x-ray system went down. They worked hard to get our system up and running and to help establish a long term fix!!
    Stewart Cellers
    Stewart Cellers
    14:22 11 Apr 19
    Michelle the receptionist has alreadyalrea me feel special by doing waaayyy more than she needed to help. Haven't been there yet but can't wait to go
    aaron seaman
    aaron seaman
    21:56 11 Mar 19
    I have been a customer of Custom X-ray for many years and the customer service has always been top notch! They have always gone above and beyond for me. The entire process from purchase to install and tech support has been an exceptional experience! Thank you for making the transition a very smooth and enjoyable one.
    Stewart Lyon
    Stewart Lyon
    23:22 16 Jan 19


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