Going Digital With Portable X-ray Systems

Going Digital with Portable X-Ray Systems

Portable x-ray digital machines provide plenty of benefits ranging from higher mobility, reduced processing times, and enhanced image quality, etc. Read on to know how it can make your life a hundred times easier.

5 Benefits of Going Digital with Portable X-Ray Equipment

Save A Lot of Time

Scanning took longer to get results when it was not digitized. Nowadays, digital x-ray machines do the scanning process on the spot. Patients won’t have to wait for the diagnosticians to process the films for hours; instead in just a few minutes.

Perfect For Fast-Paced Hospital Settings

In hospitals, especially in the emergency wards, injured patients need a highly mobile x-ray machine to quickly detect their health issues, and perform scans in minutes.

Furthermore, most of the portable x-ray machines come with crisp LCD’s allowing clear images within minutes. So the ability to move fast and process results faster allow doctors to cater to more patients and ultimately save more lives.

Best for On-Site Scanning

If the patient is too weak to visit the hospital, the machine can even be transported to his/her house for a quick scan. This is also helpful during sports events where players frequently get injured and require immediate medical attention.

Perfect for Dental Clinics

Dentists need to take x-rays from the teeth in order to start any procedure inside the mouth. Since the scanning needs to be done from different quadrants, it is very though to use the typical rigid and outdated x-ray machines. The portable applications of these machines provide easy movement, making the scanning of teeth from various angles a breeze. 

Perfect For Veterinary Applications

Getting an x-ray of animals is one of the toughest jobs in a vet’s career, mainly because the animals need to be still. Some pets would get scared after seeing a giant x-ray machine, making them upset. However, with the small, portable digital x-ray machine, you can get a clear picture of what’s going on inside their system without scaring them. Also, the portable digital x-ray machine limits the exposure of the animal to the radiations, which in turn reduces the risk for additional complications later on. 

Over to You

If you are tired of handling x-ray machines, the old fashion way and want to make your technicians’ lives easier, then a portable digital x-ray machine is just what you need. Call Custom X-Ray Digital and get yours now. Call 800-230-9729

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