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How Can Digital X-ray Technology Benefit Your Medical Practice

How Can Digital X-Ray Technology Benefit Your Medical Practice

Many medical facilities use digital x-ray technology to increase their return on investment (ROI) and better serve their patients. The ability to capture, store, retrieve, produce, and distribute images quickly has improved the patient experience across many hospitals. With a digital x-ray machine, ready access to your x-ray film archive is available at any time […]

High-quality Panoramic Dental X-ray Equipment

High-Quality Panoramic Dental X-Ray Equipment

Most dental cone beam machines leverage the same type of sensor for D3 scans that they use to generate 2D panoramic X-rays. This results in below-average results for one or both modalities. Here’s the science behind it: Low-Quality Focal Spots: It is most common that beam machines come with 0.5mm or worse focal spots (larger […]

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