Questions To Ask When Buying Used X-ray Equipment

Questions to Ask When Buying Used X-Ray Equipment

The medical industry has seen the market value of imaging equipment increase dramatically in recent years. Hence, used x-ray equipment can be an attractive proposition for cash-strapped hospitals and imaging centers.

However, purchasing pre-owned equipment is risky, and you should know what to ask before making a decision. Here are some questions you should consider asking to determine the condition of the used x-ray machine.

1. What is the Condition of the Unit?

X-ray equipment wears over time, so it’s essential to know the exact condition of your unit. A thorough inspection will require a trained technician to complete an electrical submersible test (EST). Only certain items should be checked during an EST.

For example, a faulty rheostat may cause a problem with the x-ray unit’s power supply or lead to errors in patient positioning for proper shot placement.

2. How Many Hours of Use Does the Equipment Have?

Used and refurbished x-ray equipment has a limited life expectancy, and its capacity reduces over time. Hence, it’s important to know how many hours the equipment has been used and how. X-ray technicians should provide service records with details like what was done and when repairs were made.

3. What Are the Machine’s Specifications?

Pre-owned x-ray equipment may have its original specs. Since it is subjected to heavy use during its lifetime, typically, there’s no guarantee that the machine will match its original specifications.

A reliable dealer will be able to provide all service records for your review. If they can’t or won’t get these documents for you, then you should consider looking elsewhere.

4. Have Any Upgrades Been Made to the Equipment?

Upgrades are often available for used x-ray equipment, but they can raise its cost dramatically. Always confirm with an authorized dealer if any replacement parts have been installed to ensure that the machine will provide years of reliable service.

5. Where And How Has The Equipment Been Tested?

The pre-owned and refurbished x-ray equipment should be certified and calibrated before delivery to your facility. Accurate power measurements, exposure times, and alignment will ensure that the machine is functioning correctly.

It’s crucial to find out where and how these tests were done. If equipment has been tested in-house, ensure that it will be calibrated regularly (e.g., every six months).

6. Does The Warranty Cover Upgrades?

Some dealers may try to sell you an upgrade for your existing warranty. In this case, make sure that the dealer provides you with a signed and dated certificate that covers all parts and labor costs and provides you with a copy of the warranty.

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