Are You Buying Chiropractic X-ray Equipment?

Are you Buying Chiropractic X-Ray Equipment?

Are you planning on getting an x-ray machine for your chiropractic practice? Well, before you move ahead, we suggest that you consider these five factors to get maximum value for your investment. Knowing these things will help you provide the best service to your patients and treat more in less time. 

5 Things to Remember When Getting Chiropractic X-Ray Equipment

Quality of Image

This is the most crucial part of the x-ray equipment because, in the chiropractic practice, you need to be very precise about the area of the body that needs adjustments. If the image is grainy or blurry, you can essential details.

There are different technologies available when it comes to displaying x-ray equipment; you need to get the one that is specifically designed for diagnosing chiropractic issues. With that said, the machine’s results should not have more than a 5% margin of error, be very clear about this with the vendor.

Speed of Processing

With the introduction of cutting-edge digital x-ray machines, the image processing speed has gone from several minutes to a few seconds. You can call these new digital machines the Ferrari of radiography equipment.

Having one for your chiropractic practice will ensure you diagnose and treat patients quickly and save several minutes per session. These few minutes will add up to several hours a day, which you can use to treat more patients and ultimately make more money.


Modern day x-ray machines come with several advanced features like auto x-ray image saving with date stamps, correct organization, fast processing, and processing of soft copies sent via emails. 

These features make the technician’s life a lot easier, which in turn reduces the overall workload on you.

The reputation of the Company

When you are purchasing a new x-ray machine for your chiropractic business, you need to ensure that the company has many satisfied customers. You can ask them for some referrals and talk to those customers to find out how well their equipment performs.

Also, comb through the internet to read reviews about them on their social media profiles or Google business listing. Make sure to go with the company with excellent equipment and impeccable customer support so any issues arising later can be quickly dealt with.


Another very crucial feature to consider if you offer on-site visiting. There are many portable x-ray equipment in the market that will help you mobilize your practice. You can take your x-ray equipment with you to the patient’s house, get x-rays on the spot, diagnose problems, and be done with everything at one go.

Over to You

Make sure to be very thorough as well as specific with your needs when talking to the chiropractic x-ray vendor. We at Custom X-Ray provide cutting-edge x-ray solutions for chiropractors; give us a call to discuss more at 800- 230-9729

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