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Converting Your Chiropractic Office Into a Fully Digital DR System

Digital Radiography (DR) systems and Communication Systems (PACS) offer fast image processing capabilities, extensive storage capacity, and rapid result retrieval speeds. Chiropractic experts worldwide are now making the shift from traditional image-storing systems to fully digital DR systems.

Fully Digital DR Systems – Explained

DR systems are highly efficient, automated medical image processing and communication systems that surpass the limitations of traditional x-ray equipment. The device allows you to view the image results within 3-5 seconds on your display monitor. Since DR systems use HD direct deposited CSI technology, the radiation dose per image shot is considerably lower.

The DR system then transfers the images to a PACS. DR systems and PACS improve the smoothness of workflow and work efficiency since chiropractors and other medical professionals can access the images from anywhere at any time. The PACS converts images from MRIs, ultrasounds, and other imaging techniques into DICOM format and then stores them in authorized cloud platforms.

Special Features

DR systems have display station analysis features, 3D reconstruction features, peer review features, and several other special features. There is no additional paper cost involved since the system provides high-quality digital image results. With new advanced technology and budget-friendly prices, Custom X-rays can easily transform your existing analog equipment into digital x-ray in just minutes!

Faster Result Processing and Retrieval

You can organize the medical images based on patient details. Therefore, these PACS systems help avoid cluttering and confusion. These advanced DR systems also come with automated exposure detection features. Additionally, you don’t need storage-based hardware to store or physical space to organize and store your chiropractic medical imaging data.

Greater Storage Capacity

You will need to print and save hard copies of the results that a traditional x-ray device provides. DR systems and PACS systems come with integrated storage capacity. You can store all your medical imaging results on a cloud-based or other platform without worrying about space.

Easy Review and Better Security

DR systems offer peer review features and real-time review features. These features facilitate easy collaborative review and analysis. Additionally, the systems use several layers of security to protect your medical data. Your chiropractic team can hold discussions and reviews from multiple locations. Your team members can also transfer and share images easily using this technology.

The security features protect your data from viruses, malware, and other potential threats. Only authorized persons who have access to passwords and log-in information can view your data.

Contact Us for DR Systems Installation Services

Whether you are a start-up or own a chiropractic practice looking for affordable equipment, our Direct Digital Imaging Specialists can provide a quote today.

  • Simple & Quick Installation
  • Diagnostic image less than 3 seconds
  • HD Direct Deposited CSI Technology
  • Automatic Exposure Detection

Custom X-Ray Digital Equipment Sales and Service provide tailor-made DR systems and PACS solutions to chiropractors and other medical professionals. Get our no payments for up to 12 months finance package. Visit our official website or call us at 800-230-9729 to learn more about our high-grade digital x-ray solutions.

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