Why Going For A Digital X-ray Equipment Is Your Best Option?

Why Going for a Digital X-Ray Equipment is Your Best Option?

From mails to money transfers, virtually everything has gone digital; however, some professionals are still doing things the old fashioned way, and processing them manually. The advancements in technology have led to the creation of more convenient digital x-ray machines that perform better than their older versions. This is the reason why going for digital x-ray equipment is a MUST in today’s world. If you are still on the fence, a brief comparison between the outdated films and the futuristic digital x-ray might change your mind.

Digital Versus Film – Benefits of Modern Digital X-ray Machine

  • Labor Intensive: The main issue with the film radiography is that it requires a person to process and develop x-ray films. This means it’s more time consuming, in addition to hiring a technician to operate the machine, increasing operational cost. Furthermore, the time it takes to get the film can take 20 to 30 minutes, while a digital x-ray machine can do the same in two seconds. So if you need to process ten films daily, you will be wasting five hours that can be used to prepare literally 2-300 more reports using digital x-ray equipment.
  • Additional Costs: Besides paying the salary of a technician, you will have to purchase the films as well, which can cost over $1 each. So if you are handling 300 x-rays a month, that’s an additional $300/month and $3600 per year. Digital equipment, this type of costs, which means you can regain the initial cost of the unit in just one or two years, depending on how many digital reports you may need.
  • Ease of Use: You cannot make digital copies of a radiography based on a film. You need to buy additional films to make copies which will not only add to the cost but also the effort and time in copying. Furthermore, if your patient wants you to send the reports to their insurance company or specialists, you will have to mail them, which will again cost money and time. Digital x-ray reports make it a thousand times better. Just copy the digital file of the results on the computer and email them to whoever you want in seconds.
  • Better Consultation: With the film, you will have to wait for it to develop and then show it to the patient and tell him/her where the problem in their body is. But with the digital x-ray equipment, you can get the results within seconds. This means you can quickly consult the patient and also zoom in on the affected areas to clearly show the problematic parts in their body, saving consultation time. Plus, you can consult more patients in a day, which will make you more money.

Over to You

The whole world has gone digital, so why use the same old films with slow processing times, higher costs, and little to no convenience? You also need to adopt the latest technologies in radiography and take your business to the next level. Also, you can rent the machine and try it to decide if you want to purchase it later.

You can also rent it from a digital x-ray equipment provider, learn all of its ropes, make way more money than before, and when you can afford one, you can buy it.

Custom Digital X-ray

At Custom Digital X-ray, we provide cutting-edge radiography equipment on a month-to-month basis at a fraction of cost. Give us a call 800-230-9729 , and let’s upgrade your practice equipment. 

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