How Dr Machine Works?

How DR Machine Works?

DR machine or Digital radiography system is the alternative to the CR machine. The clear benefit of using the direct radiography detectors is that they ‘directly’ acquire the image without the intervention of user that is typically needed when dealing with cassettes. This frees up a lot of technician’s time and also provides results faster.

However, you need to purchase a separate x-ray system to be able to use the DR machine which can take its initial cost through the roof. CR system is way more inexpensive than the DR system, however, the quality of image and fast processing is worth it. Let’s have a look at how this system works:

The Working Process of Digital Radiography System:

The Digital radiography detectors are very different from CR machine because they don’t use the cassettes. This also saves the time of technicians and cost of purchasing cassettes that is between 1000 to 2000 dollars per cassette. Now the DR machine is also categorized into two types, let’s look at how they work below:

Indirect Conversion:

  • It first converts the x-ray photon into light
  • Then this light is converted into electrons
  • These electrons are then stored on a thin film transition (TFT)
  • Finally, they (electrons) are converted into the digital signal through (ADC) analog to digital converter

Direct Conversion:

  • The x-ray photon is directly transformed into electrons
  • These electrons are then stored on a thin film transition (TFT)
  • Finally, they (electrons) are converted into the digital signal through (ADC) analog to digital converter

So you see now, the only difference between both is of conversion of x-ray, indirect first converts it into photons and then into electrons while the direct approach converts x-ray directly into electrons. Please keep in mind that there is no difference in the image quality of the tests.

Why the Best Digital Radiography Systems Depend on TFT?

Well there are many reasons why most of the modern digital radiography detectors leverage thin film transition (TFT) and one of them is the large field of view. A transmitted light pattern is produced using LCD cells that change the transmissive characteristics that are based on input signals.

This of course results in a clearer picture that helps the technicians clearly see where the problem lies without spending too much time.

Furthermore, both the direct and indirect digital radiography detectors use TFT and get faster system speed, clearer image quality and a high degree of positioning flexibility.

Over to You:

There is no doubt that digital radiography systems have changed the way radiologists conducted tests, and with the advanced TFT films and direct imaging, they can get a clearer picture of the patient’s body that can obviously help the doctors make a precise diagnosis. Lastly, the processing of digital image without cassettes allows the technicians to get faster results and more tests done in less time.

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