Chiropractic Straight Arm DDR

Chiropractic Straight Arm DDR: What Can It Do?

Radiography services need to be extremely accurate and quick in today’s world, where a few hours can change everything for a patient. An accurate diagnosis from imaging technology can improve the effectiveness of any treatment while avoiding any severe complications from the ailment. When looking for the best way to observe anatomical structures, Chiropractic Straight Arm (CSA) system with Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR) is the best equipment.

The Chiropractic Straight Arm DDR is the perfect tool to incorporate when you are looking to boost your medical practice’s clinical capabilities. Here is how it can help your patients and clinicians with better diagnosis:

Enhanced X-Ray Technology

While advanced medical imaging technologies such as MRI can accurately depict human anatomy, it doesn’t have any movement capabilities. Simply put, you can’t see various bones and joints moving through MRI, which is not the case for a CSA system.
A CSA system with DDR provides a series of individual digital images taken at high speed. The loop (video) from the system allows clinicians to see a moving version of the anatomical structure and understand where the problem arises. The ‘loop’ can be analyzed and quantified further with DDR’s advanced image processing capability.

Bettering Your Diagnostic Capabilities

To be clear, DDR is not fluoroscopy but an x-ray that is in motion. Abnormalities with the human anatomy can be hard to detect in regular circumstances, especially when the abnormality is not noticeable in still images. Your practice can have better diagnostic capabilities with a CSA system with DDR abilities. Any abnormalities are more likely to be seen when movement is done.
A patient will have to lie down with a CT or MRI machine for the imaging process to start. However, with a CSA system, that’s not necessary. A patient can be in a natural, upright position while getting scanned.


Unlike most other imaging systems, the CSA is relatively compact, with a series of design features that increases efficiency. It also maximizes workflow and improves outcomes. Ultimately, it quickens any patient experience while getting diagnostics, which is always a huge bonus for your medical practice. Elevate your patient’s experience at your medical practice when you have advanced equipment that speaks of quality and efficiency.

Chiropractic Applications for Your Patients

Patients can understand better when seeing moving depictions of their bones and joints. Explaining any abnormality becomes much simpler when your patients can see what you’re talking about. The system is ideal for chiropractic applications, as visualization of movement is achievable with the system.

Musculoskeletal injuries such as whiplash are easier to treat and diagnose when a clinician has access to a CSA system with DDR. Treatment follow-up also becomes easier when patients can see a difference with time.

Looking for Reliable Digital Radiography? We Can Help

When you want to ensure the best experience possible for your patients, you need to have the best equipment possible. At Custom X-Ray, we aim to help medical practices look for specialized solutions for better diagnostics. We have a variety of imaging and x-ray equipment available that can be customized for any requirement. Give us a call today at 800-230-9729 to find out more.

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