Purchasing a CT Machine

Six Questions to Consider Before Purchasing a CT Machine

Are you in the market for a CT machine? Before making a decision, it’s important to ask yourself a few key questions to ensure you choose the right equipment for your needs. While technical specifications are crucial, it’s equally vital to focus on clinical requirements. Let’s delve into these questions to help you make an informed choice Before Purchasing a CT Machine.

  1. What’s the purpose of acquiring a CT machine? Are you introducing a new service line, such as cardiac, emergency department (ED), pediatric, or bariatric imaging? Understanding your specific requirements will guide you in selecting the appropriate CT machine. Consider the type of studies your referring physicians need and the exams you primarily perform on your CT.
  2. What limitations are you aiming to overcome with a new scanner? Is your goal to adopt more advanced technology to stay competitive in your local market? Identify your competitors, which may include other hospitals, imaging centers, or specialist offices. Determine what sets them apart and if there are any gaps you need to address. Perhaps you seek to enhance patient throughput, add new applications, or reduce radiation dose. Make a note of the specific applications you hope to incorporate.
  3. Is low-dose CT imaging a priority for your institution? If so, are you considering upgrading to a new CT machine to meet these requirements, or is there an alternative solution like SafeCT for enhancing low-dose CT studies? Evaluate the available options and determine the most cost-effective approach for achieving your desired outcomes.
  4. Do you feel compelled to purchase an expensive new CT due to a lack of affordable dose reduction upgrades from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)? Consider whether your decision to acquire a new CT is solely driven by the OEM’s limitations in providing inexpensive dose reduction upgrades for your existing CT systems. Explore alternative solutions and weigh the costs and benefits of each.
  5. Are you investing in the latest and most advanced CT technology to attract more referrals? If your goal is to increase the number of referrals, carefully assess whether the additional referrals and reimbursement will offset the financial burden. Create a comprehensive calculation, estimating the monthly costs of leasing the new equipment and the potentially higher service expenses associated with the latest technology. Remember that reimbursement rates tend to decline over time.
  6. Have you allocated a sufficient budget for room renovation? Consider the importance of proper siting for your new CT machine. Review the OEM specifications to guide the construction of the new room. Keep in mind that room renovation comes with additional costs, especially for complex systems that require HVAC, mechanical, and engineering considerations. Compare the footprint of your current CT machine with the dimensions of the new one to ensure adequate space planning.

Custom X-Ray Digital Equipment

In conclusion, purchasing a CT Machine requires careful consideration of both technical and clinical aspects. As you weigh your options, keep in mind that Custom X-Ray Digital stands as a leading supplier of CT machines, offering not only top-quality equipment but also expert service and repair. Their commitment to excellence makes them a reliable partner for your imaging needs. Call Custom X-Ray for more information about our products at 800-230-9729

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