Custom X-ray Will Continue Providing Equipment Support & Service

Custom X-Ray Equipment Support & Service

Custom X-Ray Will Continue Providing Equipment Support & Service During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The recent surge in the cases of COVID-19 has disrupted business operations throughout the United States. The current coronavirus pandemic in the U.S is creating problems for all medical service providers, including those offering x-ray digital equipment sales and service. However, during these times of tribulation, the Custom X-Ray team is providing undying support and services while implementing all the rules and regulations provided by the CDC and the government.

What Kind of X-Ray Digital Equipment Services Are Available?

The Custom X-ray team will be offering our full range of services, including renting or purchasing imaging equipment. We are also providing x-ray equipment servicing to both clinics and hospitals through our professional team of equipment service support engineers.

We completely understand how big of a risk this pandemic poses to the entire world and especially to the people of the U.S with the highest count of cases. And we also know how important the use of x-ray equipment is for the detection and monitoring of this virus.

Therefore, we fully support our doctors and medical staff by providing portable x-ray equipment and undying service for their existing machines.

What Necessary Precautions is Custom X-Ray Taking?

At Custom X-ray, we take the safety of our staff and our clients very seriously which is why we will be operating to our 100% capacity while following all the safety precautions provided Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for all businesses, some of them include:

  • If any of our employees tell us that he/she has symptoms such as coughing, difficulty in breathing, or fever, we will ask them to stay home and take care of themselves.
  • If any employee exhibits symptoms at the office, he/she will be separated from the rest of the employees.
  • We are continuously using disinfectants to keep our office space and equipment clean and free of germs.
  • We are encouraging our employees and field workers to wash their hands frequently, sanitize themselves, wear masks and gloves, and maintain social distance.

We know how big of a problem this pandemic is. Therefore, while providing our continuous support and services to all of our clients, we also take full precautionary measures.

Stay Safe – Let Custom X-Ray Do All the Work for You:

The Custom X-ray team has been providing top-notch x-ray equipment sales and service for over 50 years now, which is why we have the equipment and workforce to facilitate every business that needs us. With a diverse range of all kinds of radiography equipment, we can proudly say that we serve the clients in all medical modalities.

Custom X-Ray continuously offers services during these trying times and have already staffed our sales and service teams to ensure our customer’s needs are fulfilled for all imaging equipment, parts, supplies, and sales. Our field engineers are also fully ready and equipped to service your imaging equipment in a timely manner.

Custom X-Ray Digital Sales & Service
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