Custom X-ray Imaging Equipment Services

Custom X-Ray Imaging Equipment Services

The X-ray machine is the cornerstone of medical imaging. From hospitals, private clinics, and in-home care, there’s a wide usage of x-ray systems, and the need for an upgrade comes at a fast pace due to new technology.

To help you clearly understand what you can expect in terms of the cost of an X-ray service through an ISO (Independent Service Organization), we’ve discussed some key factors that affect the price. Knowing about these will help you understand why a particular service agreement has more or less cost from the other. That said, let’s take a gander at six factors affecting x-ray service price:

6 Factors Affecting price of X-Ray Service

System’s Age: Most of the time, if the system is old, its service cost will below. This is because servicing relies on the replacement of parts and the knowledge of technicians working with them. So depending on the age of the system, parts can be widely available, and engineers may have more experience working with them.

Location: If the engineers and technicians have to travel long distances, they’ll have to pay for car rental, accommodation, and dining. All of these factors can increase the cost. However, if the servicing team is nearby, the cost will be lower.

System Parts: Just like all electronic machines, x-ray systems also have different parts that would require replacement with time. If a certain part cannot be found anywhere or is scarce in the market, it might cost more to buy than those readily available everywhere. For instance, only OEM provides some special kind of x-ray tubes, which is usually their most costly source. If this happens with your machine, you might have to pay more than usual.

Brand & Model: Some machines are very easy to work with because of their make, which reduces the service price. For example, the GE systems in the U.S have a very strong market share. Not only are technicians very familiar with these machines, but their parts are also available easily throughout the region.

Coverage: If your machine has coverage, the more inclusive it is, the higher the service price. Simply put, the more coverage options you add to the service, the more you need to pay.

Bulk Buy: Although this is not always true, you can sometimes decrease per system cost by buying more at once. Sometimes, getting more years in your service contract can also decrease yearly costs.

Custom X-Ray Digital Equipment Sales

No matter the type of system or service budget you have, at Custom X-Ray, we offer the best value for your radiographic equipment and ensures they are fully functional. Contact us right now to discuss your service plan, as we always go above and beyond to save our clients’ money as much as we can. Call today at 800-230-9729

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