Taking Veterinary Dental To A New Level

Taking Veterinary Dental Imaging to A New Level

Veterinary medicine and technologies are growing rapidly, and with these changes, medical equipment is modernizing and expanding. Change and expansion produce updated and innovative medical equipment, making veterinary services and practices more convenient and useful for doctors, patients, and pet owners. Keeping up with these changes and new advances can help to add value to your practice. Using digital veterinary equipment advances your practice and ensures the safest and most up-to-date care for the animals. At the end of the day, conveniently and thoroughly meet the patients’ needs is key to any medical practice.

Benefits of Updated Equipment

Veterinary imaging equipment serves so many purposes, but taking things a step further with dental imaging equipment can add so much to your medical practice. Modern dental imaging equipment adds a level of accuracy and convenience to many veterinary practices. The benefits of dental imaging equipment make the purchase worthwhile getting dental scans fast and easy, not to mention pet-friendly. The mobility of panoramic dental imaging equipment makes it easier for both the doctor and the patient. Also, in a matter of seconds, scans can be complete and images available.

X-ray and imaging equipment can be a driving force in running a successful veterinary practice. Fast and easy imaging results will make for happy customers and pleased animal owners. We know that medical equipment is expensive and often requires research before purchasing.

Custom X-Ray makes it easy for you to decide your practice needs and what you can afford while supporting your medical practice plan and meeting your requirements. As a leading distributor in medical equipment, we know how important high-quality and reliable imaging solutions are. We make it a point to offer exceptional and reliable services, meeting the needs of many practices throughout the United States.

We understand that you want your veterinary practice to have the best medical equipment available and that it should be easily accessible and easy to use with animals in mind. Delivering superior diagnostic intraoral and periodontal images essential for successful diagnosis and endodontic treatment, our imaging dental x-ray solutions includes the world-first veterinary panoramic dental x-ray system, Carbon Nanotube (CNT) technology, high-resolution CMOS detectors, and wall or cart-mounted digital x-ray systems.

Some solutions for veterinary dental include:

Pan i2D | Panoramic dental x-ray
EzSensor Vet | Intraoral CMOS sensors
EzRay Vet Cart | Mobile dental x-ray
EzRay Vet Air | Hand-held dental x-ray
MyVet Dent | Dental imaging acquisition software


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