X-ray system maintenance

X-Ray System Maintenance and Repair

Owing to the rapid advancements in medical technology, the demand for x-ray equipment has been increasing. While the devices are used for diagnosing health conditions and performing treatments, they also pose a serious threat to patient and technician safety if not appropriately maintained.

X-ray equipment repairs and maintenance are essential for any healthcare facility. Any medical imaging equipment like a CT Scanner, MRI scanner, etc., needs regular maintenance and repair to function correctly. To keep your x-ray equipment working at its best, we recommend that you get it serviced regularly by professionals. Here’s why it’s so important:

Importance of X-Ray System  Maintenance and Repair:

Patient Safety: X-ray machines are multi-part equipment that is connected together to scan, process, and generate imaging outputs. However, suppose these parts and their joints are not properly cared for. In that case, screws are not tightened, wiring not concealed, and components not fixed in place, any of them can eventually fall on the patient or technician, leading to injuries.

Output Precision: This is the most important factor because if the machine has faults and you do not make necessary repairs. Or, if you are not keeping up with its maintenance, it can show wrong or imprecise results. This can cause the doctor to misdiagnose a problem or diagnose one that’s not even there, which can even attract hefty lawsuits.

Technician Safety: X-ray machines emit energy that can be harmful if humans are exposed to them in the long term. A typical x-ray imaging machine is programmed to emit only a safe level of this energy, but if it is not properly maintained, it can release more than what’s necessary, and the technician will be exposed to it every single day, leading to grave health risks.

Lower Costs: X-ray machines that are regularly maintained and repairs made as soon as the problems occur work flawlessly for years. However, if you sleep on immediate repairs and do not invest in regular servicing, the machine will eventually break down one day, which would require A LOT more money to fix. Also, unmaintained x-ray machines may consume more power, leading to higher electricity costs.

Custom X-Ray Digital Offers Top Class x-ray system maintenance and repair:

We can help you avoid the perils mentioned above that come with low or no maintenance of x-ray machines. We repair and service the equipment and provide parts and equipment needed to keep your systems working flawlessly. We’re a one-stop-shop for digital imaging services, so there’s nothing we cannot do for your machine.

Our factory-trained field service technicians have over 50 years of combined experience working with all models and make of x-ray equipment, including Digital DR and CR systems.

Whether you’re a physician, veterinarian, or chiropractor, you can count on us to take care of your digital x-ray equipment – or even upgrade it if needed.

No matter the modality and manufacturer of your x-ray system, we can arrive on-site, bring necessary tools and parts with us and breathe a new life into your machine. So call us today at 800-230-9729  or fill out a contact form.

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