Early Diagnosis Of Covid With Ultrasound Equipment

Early Diagnosis of COVID with Ultrasound Equipment

Experts recommend a dedicated ultrasound for detection especially handheld devices to speed up the diagnosis of COVID-19. There are also several new studies are now recommending the use of ultrasound for diagnosing and screening COVID-19 patients. While a CT scan may provide better detail, portable ultrasound machines are currently more portable, affordable, and easier to keep disinfected while examining large numbers of patients. For these reasons, some doctors are now recommending ultrasound be utilized for patient testing of the COVID-19 virus.

Dedicated machines are in high demand to quickly diagnose lung involvement and assist in triage for suspected Covid-19 patients.

There are two key items that are most recommended for using ultrasound to detect the Coronavirus.
1. A touchscreen interface that can be easily disinfected
2. A sector (phased array) transducer

For this, we have the following recommended ultrasound systems, in-stock and ready to ship:

  • GE Venue R2
  • GE Vscan Extend Handheld Dual-Probe
  • GE Vivid IQ

Early Diagnosis Of Covid With Ultrasound EquipmentGE Venue R2 Ultrasound Device

In moments when every second counts, having tools that will allow you to act quickly and deliver precise care is essential. Venue™ is designed to help you do just that. As the premier solution in the Venue Family of AI-enabled point of care ultrasound systems, Venue offers a simple, fast and precise way to assess a patient’s medical status at the point of care.

Early Diagnosis Of Covid With Ultrasound EquipmentGE Vscan Extend Handheld Dual-Probe

Vscan Extend™ handheld ultrasound can be used to help confirm and monitor progression of acute respiratory diseases like COVID-19.
It can help clinicians triage patients suffering from acute respiratory and cardiovascular disease with deep and shallow scanning for lungs and cardiovascular conditions with a single probe. It’s portability, ease of use, connectivity (DICOM to PACS or cloud storage solutions) and cleanability makes an ideal tool for diverse care settings such as isolation wards.

Early Diagnosis Of Covid With Ultrasound EquipmentGE Vivd IQ

A smaller sized compact weighing just 4.5 kg, the Vivid IQ matches high image quality with high-end functionality, allowing clinicians to diagnose in more settings. From the cath lab and the operating room (OR) to the emergency room (ER) or even a tented exam room in a remote location, this ultra-portable diagnostic ultrasound system delivers premier cardiac care without compromises.

Custom X-Ray Digital Is Ready When You Are!

We recognize that these are difficult times to make a long term and expensive capital commitment. However, renting this equipment to get through until capital budgets open up might make a lot of sense for your department or practice. We have made renting an ultrasound system like this as easy and affordable as possible. Call now to see if we can help. We remain open and are taking every precaution to make our work environment and equipment safe and ready to ship. Call today at 800-230-9729

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