On-site Medical And Healthcare Equipment Calibration And Repair Services

Medical and Healthcare Equipment Calibration and Repair Services

The accuracy and precision of your medical devices fall with repeated use over the years. Since the slightest drift in your healthcare or medical equipment can be fatal for your patients, timely calibration and repair are essential.

Medical device calibration refers to a regular check of the equipment to ensure compliance with the industry standards. Custom X-Ray Digital follows a well-coordinated process to minimize uncertainties or errors in test results. Your medical equipment will be more functional and provide precise output after our repair and calibration services.

How Can On-Site Medical Equipment Calibration Help

Meeting the stringent medical industry standards requires a proactive approach for equipment maintenance and repairs. With regular usage, the equipment in the Biomed departments becomes prone to wear and tear.
On-site repair and calibration services take the stress out of your patient care regimen. Our team of highly skilled technicians handles the process for calibration in adherence to the NIST or the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

With our on-site calibration and repair services, we help:

Ensure higher accuracy in test results
Decrease downtimes with expedited same-day services
Reduce risks of damage in shipping
Improve device performance and productivity

How to Make the Best Out of Medical Equipment Calibration and Repair Services

Periodic calibration and repairs are essential for medical and healthcare equipment. Any inaccuracies can result in a faulty diagnosis, erroneous readings, improper medications, and several other concerns, causing a threat to patient safety.

With strict quality assurance and timely repairs, you can mitigate these issues. Convenient and affordable on-site services can help. However, finding the right calibration company needs to focus on several points like:

Serving a Wide Variety of Medical Equipment

A reliable medical equipment calibration service company specializes in a wide range of test instruments and devices across medical facilities. As a trusted service provider, we offer repair services oriented to the entire range, including x-rays, patient monitors, defibrillators, ventilators, infusion pumps, fetal monitors, etc.

Advanced Calibration Management System

Medical equipment testing, calibration, and repairs should comply with the manufacturer’s specifications. The process also includes proper documentation and reporting.

Using state-of-the-art metrology capabilities, we offer advanced calibration management solutions to hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Our software tracks your equipment to identify when it needs calibration or repairs.

We can also provide historical data related to the calibration and repair of your medical equipment for long-term stability. This allows us to send automated reminder notices whenever the calibration is due for your machines.

Experienced Technicians

For accuracy in the performance of your medical equipment, you need experienced repair technicians. At Custom X-Ray Digital, we have a team of factory-trained and skilled technicians to handle any calibration and repair issues. Our team is experienced in servicing and calibrating a variety of medical equipment from various manufacturers.

We serve almost every vertical in the medical and healthcare industry, including outpatient departments, multi-modality hospitals, clinics, chiropractors, veterinarians, and women’s centers.

Contact Us Today for On-site Medical Equipment Calibration and Repairs

Custom X-Ray Digital offers maintenance for all makes and models of X-ray systems, digital CR systems, DR systems, and film processing equipment. Contact us today at 800-230-9729 for more information or book a service schedule.

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