High-quality Panoramic Dental X-ray Equipment

High-Quality Panoramic Dental X-Ray Equipment

Most dental cone beam machines leverage the same type of sensor for D3 scans that they use to generate 2D panoramic X-rays. This results in below-average results for one or both modalities. Here’s the science behind it:

Low-Quality Focal Spots:

It is most common that beam machines come with 0.5mm or worse focal spots (larger spots result in less sharp edges). On the other hand, the focal spot of X-era has only 0.2mm size, which is the smallest in the field of dental cone beam equipment (60% smaller than a regular 0.5mm spot). This means your staff can see clearly, and your patients will also be able to notice everything better.

Control Over Size of Field of View

Many systems have a max 9-10cm width leaning to various issues like:

  • Third Molar cut-off, Airway analysis inability, and MJs capture inability.
  • Very small error margin in patient positioning (bad position will lead to the desired area going outside of scanning volume, resulting in retakes)
  • With X-era, operate has a range of settings from 4cmx6cm to up to 16cm wide.

Lower Radiation Options

Regular FMX studies can have over 150 microsieverts of radiation for patients. With low-dose mode in X-era, cone been scan can be done with less radiation while getting a lot more information in return.

Best Panoramic X-Ray

Most dental professionals need cone beam to produce high-quality panoramic images of x-ray along with high-quality 3D volume. With most dental cone beam systems, the panoramic view quality and performance are not very great as they leverage the same sensor for both 2D and 3D Panos.

X-era, on the other hand, leverages panoramic sensors for pano scans and cone beam sensors for scanning cone beam. In fact, the panoramic sensor has the same sensor quality used in our highly successful Panoura 18S – our pan-only system. Here’s what makes its panoramic imaging so powerful:

Direct Conversion Sensor

Most CMOS sensors are less sensitive to x-ray in Panoramic leverage due to low-cost materials. So for that, they have to convert x-ray into light before converting it into a digital signal. This extra conversion step can blur the image by fanning out the radiation and triggering surrounding pixels. Also, X-era uses a Direct Conversion sensor that directly turns x-ray into a digital signal, providing a sharper image.

Over 50 Panoramic Layers

Most x-ray machines require the patient’s arch to be precisely where the machine wants, which is along the focused beam’s path. Because of it, the positioning is not accurate, resulting in poor image
Slight shifting of patience when the operator walks out to start the scan can result in a bad image. Also, if the arch of the patient doesn’t match the scan’s trajectory, some anatomical parts might not be focused.

The anterior emergence profile can make it challenging to get both maxillary apices and mandibular in panoramic scan with clarity
X-era is equipped with a Multi-Focal plane that captures over 50 layers with each scan creating an envelope of large data quantity around the area the patient is positioned.

Get Full FMX instead of Bitewings

FMX Clipping, in addition to vertical bitewing function, generates 18 intraoral-sized images clipped from panoramic with a single click
A perfect tool for patients who cannot bear regular PAs
Instead of capturing 18 separate images using intraoral X-Ray, all of them can be captured once in 14 seconds.

Parting Words

Custom X-Ray has always gone above and beyond in providing our customers with top-of-the-line imaging equipment. You can instantly boost your diagnosis confidence and efficiency of imaging with just the X-era dental imaging system.

For more information about Custom X-Ray Imaging Equipment products, call 800-230-9729

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