Plan Ahead For Medical Imaging Equipment Purchases

Plan Ahead for Medical Imaging Equipment Purchases

Buying Medical Imaging Equipment

You may think it is time to buy medical imaging equipment, whether you are a physician, a medical office manager, or a practitioner. But many medical professionals often do not look at all the expenses that come with this kind of equipment. It is better to know if medical imaging equipment is a true need, and if you can afford it in your facility. In order to determine whether or not your company can afford another expense, it is crucial to develop a business plan examining all factors of the purchase.

Several questions must be asked when considering the purchase of medical imaging equipment. First, do you know the cost? Have you determined what the overall purchase cost is and what the equipment will cost year to year? Once you’ve evaluated pricing and looked at your budget, you can move ahead by seeing what kind of reimbursements you will get for each patient study. This requires analyzing the increase in patient volume and changes that may come with each year.

Plan Ahead For Upkeep and Maintenance

You must also plan ahead for upkeep and monthly maintenance for any new imaging equipment on top of the purchase cost. General maintenance alone can be very costly, but parts and repairs will also come into play. Is your budget prepared for any unexpected repairs or maintenance? These questions will allow you to understand if you are ready to move forward and consider the required personnel to run the machines. Can your facility afford the office staff, technicians, managers, and receptionists who will be using these machines? Benefits and salaries need to be taken into consideration. These machines will also affect your utilities’ cost, so assess how this will change your budget and go from there.

Your business plan should include every factor in regards to new equipment. Marketing cost is yet another one to consider. In order to properly benefit from your purchase, you must have a marketing effort that allows patients and physicians to know about your equipment. Along with marketing analysis, you will want to look into the current competition. You will need patients and physicians in order to effectively run and pay for such expensive equipment, but so do hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. Once you have determined your marketing analysis and have thoroughly looked at your competition, you can see if the investment makes sense.

Patient volume can decline at rates that not all facilities are prepared for because the economy does not always stay where we want it to. That is part of life, and as a productive business, it is important to be prepared for any declines. Once you have thoroughly looked into every factor mentioned and have a secure business plan, cost analysis, marketing analysis, and have looked into your competition; you can move forward with your decision. If you are ready to purchase medical imaging equipment, the professionals at Custom X-Ray can help you. They offer professional guidance and support, whether it be determining if you need brand new equipment or setting up your finances for the purchase. Custom X-Ray can get you the best equipment for your needs.

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