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Revolutionary ErgoStyle Chiropractic Tables

Any chiropractic practice needs to have a reliable and sturdy chiropractic table. We offer many options of chiropractic tables in a variety of styles suited to meet your needs. Since 2009, we had associated ErgoStyle tables when PHS Chiropractic purchased the ErgoStyle adjusting table line from the Chattanooga Group, Inc.

Revolutionary Ergostyle Chiropractic TablesWe have engineered a revolutionary line of chiropractic tables with a patented ErgoStyle drop featured, taking chiropractic adjustments further than ever before. We took modern chairs and elevated them

to add ease, comfort, and revolutionary additions, while also making them more comfortable and useful.

Our patented subversive drops elevate across the chair cushion’s entirety, allowing for smooth and improved accuracy than if it would be on a single pin. This results in better patient and doctor satisfaction, as less force is present. Our ErgoStyle chiropractic tables’ benefits make for the most significant amount of comfort, ease, and affordability.

The features alone make our ErgoStyle tables some of the highest-ranked, with the ability to create maximum comfort and durability. These tables’ long life ensures that our customers are getting their mon

Revolutionary Ergostyle Chiropractic Tables

ey’s worthwhile offering the best care possible to their patients. Ease of use and expert fit add to the quality of these ErgoStyle tables.

Our tables can comfortably fit people with different body types and comfortably receive their treatment. Our patented drops make setting up and finding the proper position straightforward so that you are not second-guessing where to position the table to offer the least amount of resistance while easing tension. These state-of-the-art tables can be an essential staple to any chiropractic practice.

Custom X-Ray ErgoStyle table

Our chairs are consistent and durable and add ease of use that many others do not. Whether you want manual pump elevation features, a flat bench style, or an adjustable firm foam headpiece, we have the options to meet your needs and, most importantly, the needs of all chiropractic patients.

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