Cloud-based Pacs Systems Make Medical Imaging Easier

Cloud-Based PACS Systems Make Medical Imaging Easier

Medical imaging deals with imaging the interior of a person’s body for diagnostic and analytical purposes. Doctors, radiologists, and other medical professionals store these images and use them repeatedly for treating the patient’s condition. It’s critical to choose accessible solutions to organize and store medical imaging results.

Cloud-based PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) offer extensive storage capacity and rapid result retrieval speeds. Medical facilities worldwide are now making the shift from traditional image-storing systems to these cloud-based systems.

What are Cloud-Based PACS?

Cloud-based PACS are highly efficient, automated picture archiving and communication systems that surpass the limitations of traditional PACS. You can host your medical images and related data offsite on a reliable cloud platform. These systems improve the smoothness of workflow and work efficiency since doctors, and other medical professionals can access the images from anywhere at any time.

The PACS converts images from MRIs, ultrasounds, and other imaging techniques into DICOM format and then stores them in authorized cloud platforms.

Greater Storage Capacity

As with most cloud-based systems, Cloud PACS solutions come with much higher storage capacities than traditional PACS. They may work on a subscription basis. You can store all your medical imaging results on the same platform without worrying about space.

Easy Organization and Faster Retrieval

You can organize the medical images based on patient details. Therefore, these PACS systems help avoid cluttering and confusion. Some advanced Cloud PACS systems also come with integrated crawlers. You can search for the medical results you want on the search bar.

The system will retrieve all relevant medical information related to the specific patient or other search terms in seconds. You don’t need storage-based hardware and other devices to store and organize your medical imaging data.

Easy Review and Better Security

Cloud PACS comes with features that facilitate easy review and analysis. Your medical team can hold discussions and reviews from multiple locations. Doctors and medical teams can also transfer and share images easily using this technology.

Additionally, the systems use several layers of security to protect your medical data. The security features protect your data from viruses, malware, and other potential threats.

Only authorized persons who have access to passwords and log-in information can view your data. It’s critical to buy the PACS solution from a medical equipment solutions provider who adheres to relevant safety standards and controls.

Additional Features

These solutions include display station analysis features, 3D reconstruction features, peer review features, and several other special features. Since there is no additional cost involved in maintaining the systems, Cloud PACS are affordable.

Patients will have the convenience of accessing their medical data from their homes or other external places if they are authorized to do so.

Contact Us for Custom Cloud PACS Solutions

Custom X-Ray Digital Equipment Sales and Service provide tailor-made Cloud-based PACS solutions to healthcare facilities and professionals. You may visit our website or call us at 800-230-9729 to learn more about our cloud PACS solutions.

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