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Cloud-based Pacs System

Ground-Breaking Cloud-Based PACS System

In the medical imaging field, there are several abbreviations used for different imaging systems. From CIS, EMR, RIS, HIS, DICOM to PACS and Cloud PACS, there are endless terms for different technologies that can confuse anyone stepping their toe into the field of medical imaging.

However, it is imperative to know about every important piece of technology in the medical imaging landscape that’s changing quickly with day-to-day advancements. Not staying up to date would result in business loss to the competitors who know about them and upgraded their equipment promptly.

One of the most futuristic medical imaging systems of today is the cloud based PACS. This groundbreaking technology is hosted off-site using the cloud platform of the PACS vendor. To understand it in detail and learn how it’s a game-changer, read till the end.

What is Cloud PACS?

Picture Archiving & Communication System or PACS is a medical imaging technology that exceeds the limits of traditional imaging systems that use films. PACS comes with fast file retrieval, greater storage capacity, and access to images from different modalities and sites.

PACS leverages software and hardware components for image acquisition from medical imaging systems such as MRI, CT, ultrasound, etc. These files are then converted into DICOM format and sent to workstations for accessibility. It comes with additional features like 3D reconstruction, workflow management, peer review, and reporting.

Components of a PACS:

  • Imaging modalities such as the CT, MRI & ultrasound
  • Data storage for images and other information
  • Display station for image analysis and review
  • The computer network for system component connection
Cloud-based Pacs System
Cloud-based Pacs System
Cloud-based Pacs System

Why is Cloud Based PACS Ground-Breaking?

Like the regular PACs, the cloud-based PACS works similarly, but it has more storage and several features offered by cloud-based servers. Here, a 3rd party – usually a cloud PACS vendor, will host and maintain the data.

The cloud-based DICOM storage and its security are properly cared for, and the data can be accessed from anywhere via an HTML5 compatible device, as long as you have the right cloud server credentials. Here are a few reasons why it’s better than traditional PCAS:

  • The cost of storage, support, and maintenance is cut down to almost zero, making it extremely affordable.
  • Medical image files and videos have very large sizes; with cloud-servers, you get several times more storage than a traditional PACS system.
  • Cloud-based servers are well-protected with several security layers; your data will not be compromised.
  • Data will not be lost if there’s a problem or virus in your local system because it is stored in the cloud.
  • You can easily transfer and access images from wherever you want – the cloud offers full freedom to patients to access their records from outside of the hospital using a web-based online portal.
  • No need to make space in your office for servers and hard drives. Everything will be up in the cloud; your office will be free from devices and wires.

Are You HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA Compliance Requires - Cloud Based PACS Protection for Patient Images

With Custom X-Ray Digital, you get adherence to the latest healthcare and IT standards automatically. We’re committed to delivering infrastructure, viewer, privacy and integration compliance that provides confidence and trust.

  • 7 years is required for HIPAA compliance for Adult Patient Images
  • 21 years is required for HIPAA compliance for patients under 21 years
Cloud-based Pacs System

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About Us

We at Custom X-Ray take the headache of managing PACS systems and ensure the integrity of sensitive data out of your hands. We offer cloud-based PACS solutions tailored to your practice and needs, whether chiropractor, podiatrist, veterinarian, etc. Here’s how our PACS Cloud Agent – a software application for PACS system works:

  1. It receives the DICOM images from different modalities
  2. Sends them to PACS cloud storage using SSL 256-bit encryption
  3. The images are then accessible to whoever has the credentials to the servers
  4. A simple and easy-to-use cloud viewer can be used on any system that supports HTML5 to view the images.

Custom X-rays Cloud PACS is a hardware-free solution that will revolutionize your image management strategy. Talk to the experts at Custom X-Ray today to get assistance on choosing the right solution for your practice.

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