Momentum Eq – Gen3 Hd Cesium Panel: What You Should Expect

Momentum EQ: What to Expect of the Gen3 HD Cesium Panel?

With various advancements in medical imaging technology, it’s natural to want the best for your medical practice. Choosing the Momentum EQ can be the perfect choice for your medical practice, but you have to understand how you can utilize it for your patients.

The Momentum EQ is the lightest system at under 18 pounds and comes with a custom tablet enclosure that makes it easy to take anywhere. The lightweight aluminum design makes it easy to carry without fear of damage, and you won’t have to be weighed down by it throughout the day. Here is what else you should expect:

Intuitive Features

When you’re looking for an imaging system that helps you to increase your workflow, there’s nothing better than the Momentum EQ. The touchscreen tablet helps with accessibility and convenience, while the outer case keeps it protected when not in use.

The double-lock of the Momentum EQ mechanism is ideal when you’re on the go and don’t want the system to get damaged. The scratch-resistant finish prevents visible wear and tear for a long time, keeping your system looking new.

Quick Charging On The Go

The 10X12 panel for the Momentum EQ can fully charge within eight minutes, ensuring you get the most usability out of it possible. All the other components are also fully charged within an hour and a half, which makes it ideal for consecutive usage.

Quick charging of the Momentum EQ is ideal when you want a portable imaging system that can be used anywhere at any time. One power cord to charge the entire system makes it a hassle-free system that doesn’t require any other equipment to work. The indicator lights also let you know the battery condition, incoming power, and charging status. Preserving the battery is also simplified with the access point button.

Easy Start-Up and Information Modification

To start up the imaging system, starting the PC comes first. Once the tablet and the panel have booted up, you can get started. Open ImagePilot to begin the process. At this point, you can begin a new exam for your patient. Any information that you enter at this point can be edited later, which makes it easier to rectify any mistakes.

You can also add more information as and when it becomes available to you. Once you have entered the details, click on ‘Perform Exam.

Momentum EQ Imaging and Editing

Once you have taken the exam, you can take the image and view it directly on the tablet. You have up to five seconds to take the image from an angle where you can see the abnormality or anatomy clearly, which helps you get a clear image within seconds.

The ImagePilot software on the tablet enables you to edit the images to a certain degree. Flipping and rotating are common options, along with other editing features that can make the image clearer for you and the patient.

Looking for Efficient Imaging Solutions? We Can Help

To ensure the best equipment for your patients, looking for custom imaging and x-ray solutions is crucial. At Custom X-Ray, we provide a wide range of imaging and x-ray equipment, such as portable x-ray units, ultrasound systems, and our Momentum EQ. If you’re looking for a custom solution for your medical practice, call us at 800-230-972 or contact us by filling out the form.

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