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CT Scanners

Siemens and GE are two of the leading manufacturers of CT scanners, also known as computed tomography scanners or CAT scanners. CT scanners use X-ray technology to produce detailed, cross-sectional images of the body, and are commonly used for diagnostic imaging in the medical field.

Siemens CT scanners are known for their high resolution and accurate imaging capabilities, as well as their advanced features such as low dose radiation, motion correction, and artificial intelligence-based image processing. Some popular models include the SOMATOM Force, SOMATOM Go.Top, and SOMATOM Edge.

GE CT scanners, on the other hand, are known for their speed and versatility, as well as their ability to provide high-quality images with low radiation dose. GE’s CT scanners also come with advanced features like volumetric imaging, iterative reconstruction, and adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction (ASIR). Some popular models include GE Discovery CT750 HD, GE Revolution CT, and GE Optima CT660.

Custom X-ray Digital features a complete inventory of used CT scanners available for purchase today. Purchasing a refurbished CT scanner is a wise investment that can save you thousands of dollars. Review our inventory below or give us a call today.

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