Medical X-Ray Systems

Sedecal X-Ray Systems/Medlink

sedecal multirad

Optima Multi-RAD

Optima Multi-RAD This general purpose radiographic system provides freedom of movement and multiple configurations for a wide range of table, wall stand, wheel chair, and stretcher examinations. Its solid design ensures outstanding reliability in the most demanding environments such as hospitals and private offices. This includes fast and flexible system operation, the operator will find the equipment easy to learn and quick to set up.


optima millenium

Optima Millennium

A This System is a Complete Radiographic Room, ideal for the clinical or orthopedic markets. The floating” table-top has a very large range of longitudinal and transversal movements. By pressing the foot switches, the electromagnetic brakes are released for all directions. This is one of Sedecal's most prestigious systems mad of the utmost quality and perfection.



Optima URS

Optima URS is a universal swivel arm x-ray system. It is easy to operate and permits a swift radiographic procedure, a feature that applies to all conventional exposure techniques on all parts of the body. The system is composed of a floor-to-wall column and a turn able arm with variable height center. It allows taking exposures of patents in standing, sitting or laying positions.



Optima URS Plus LP

Optima URS Plus LP system can also function as a DR system when incorporating a detector. The Trixell flat panel detector combines an excellent DQE with a 143 micron pixel pitch for maximum detail detection, and is the technology of choice for some of largest x-ray companies.


Summit/Amrad X-Ray Systems

amradorthoAA3 r4 c4

AA3 FMT System

A fully integrated system specifically designed to meet the demands of orthopaedic x-ray procedures. The floor-mounted, transverse/rotational tubestand with tube trunnion capability has been designed for long-term durability under heavy patient volume conditions.



AC400 FT System

AMRAD's AC400 FT System combines affordability with flexibility. The extensive travel of the tubestand accommodates a wide selection of radiographic procedures including table top, off-table, weight-bearing, and cross-table imaging.



Amrad Classic CS

Introducing the AmradClassic CS Chest Stand System. For the unique, high-volume demands of the cardiovascular or internal medicine practice, the CS system allows fast and accurate chest imaging. The traditional floor-to-wall design distinguishes itself with its ease-of-use, quality and reliability.



Amrad Classic ST Stationary System

Outstanding Value in General Purpose Radiography. Introducing the AmradClassic ST Stationary Table System. Amrad delivers a reliable, compact, versatile table system. Ideal for busy clinics. Heavy-duty, all steel design. Supports patients up to 300 lbs.


Del Medical X-Ray Systems


ARS - EV650

A thoughtful design that allows you to focus on your patients, not your equipment so simple, you won't even need the user's manual. Controls have been arranged to work the way you think. ARS is designed to maximize your efficiency with one-handed operation of the table Bucky, table controls and wall receptor.



ARS - EV650/OTC3 System

The OTC3 overhead tube stand extends the versatility of Del Medical's radiographic systems. By providing greater freedom of movement within the room, it facilitates examinations performed on any radiographic study. Further, the OTC3 has a center mounted single-handle lock release that enables the positioning of the tube assembly for quick positioning in emergency situations.


Tingle TXR


Tingle System 11

The Tingle System 11 is an affordable user frindly x-ray sysem with four way float top table. Heavy Duty Medical, Floor Mounted, Free Standing Tubestand with Magnetic Locks, 7 or 10’ Floor Rail and Analog Positioning Control. (Port Mount).